AVULSION : Central incisors:central papilla

This 11 year old boy got an accident in the swimming pool. Bot central incisors were avulsed, and placed in milk after 5-10 minutes, according to the staff. 

I saw him 1 hour after the trauma took place. What an emotional happaning for the kid and the mother. Both were crying out loudly, and there was blood all over the place. 


We did everything to calm them down. Technically spoken, it was not easy to keep a dry field when pcacing the splint with composite, but we were successful in getting it dry in the end. 

We took care not touching the roots, just rinsed them gently with Hanks Balanced Salt Solution. Blood clot was removed from the alveoli with the same solution. 

After splinting, we took a rad, to verify the correct position, and came to the conclusion that 11 was not correctly replanted. So I removed the composite, and readjusted the position, placed composite and took another rad. This time both teeth were in the correct position. 

°Avulsion:central incisors:central papilla


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