ORAL SURGERY : Surgery to drain pus for tooth abscess

A tooth abscess is a serious symptom of tissue that surrounded the late or who caused untreated broken teeth because of tooth decay. 

Abscess or tooth or abscess in the variable can spread to soft tissue muscles, lips, cheeks, under the tongue ... etc. nearby.


Characteristics of the disease tooth decay:

Serious tooth decay can have two characteristics
- A throbbing toothache caused by swelling of the lips, gums or cheeks Face
- A throbbing toothache caused by swollen gums, swollen lips or cheeks Face

Broken dental treatment without swelling:

This is the most common type, which is treated with tooth worse off under anaesthetic injection. Most case tooth requires monitoring sufficient protection symptoms.

When there is swelling, patients often have a fever. Teeth that are swollen and pus must be treated carefully, especially swelling and pus all related middle of the back of the mouth and throat. There are two treatments:

- When patients Kampong swelling and pus has not yet been gathering to painkillers and antibiotics to reduce pain and suppress symptoms.

- The pain is often a result of the pressure of tissue. Reducing the pressure from open surgery to drain pus or pus be said up front. 

Surgery to drain pus was conducted using a surgical knife to drain the pus out. The place to open surgery plus out, depending on the place of collection of pus. 

The point of the surgery to drain pus out is at the bottom of its collection of pus and if surgery inside the mouth is used oral surgery at the exterior to avoid the scars.

If advances are coming out to shallow surgery on the tissue side under just a collection of pus, then use a sinus forceps push divided into inner there to drain plus. 

If the pus is still a need to put a soft tube to drain pus. Normal position for oral surgery exterior is avoided where the main artery and nerves run through. Let's wait and see until soft push and had surgery.

Surgery anywhere other cooked using a veil antiseptic to keep it clean. If length
Long surgery needed, though.

Then be treated with antibiotics to protect the Baltic symptoms and painkillers
Chronic pain like the circular according to the degree of weight or age of a patient none more.


Once the stage of infection was suppressed and teeth must be removed from the normal mode without the use of anaesthetic.


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