Traumatic Oral Mucosal Lesions: A Mini Review and Clinical Update

Oral lesions associated with trauma are a relatively common finding in dental practice. A diverse array of oral mucosal disorders caused by acute and chronic trauma exists.

They manifest in the oral mucosa as acute or chronic ulcers, white or red lesions, mucositis, and reactive hyperplasia or even as bone exposures with sequestration.

Such lesions may also impair oral functions to a significant extent and also pose some difficulties in arriving at a diagnosis especially the chronic lesions.

However, prompt diagnosis and elimination of the causative factor ensure cure. Injury of the oral mucosa could result from physical, chemical or thermal trauma.

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They could be originated from accidental dental biting, sharp or pointing food stuff, sharp edges of teeth, hot food or overzealous tooth brushing.

Some injuries also could result from iatrogenic damage during dental treatment or other procedures involving oral cavity such as intubation during general anaesthesia.

Similarly chemical or physical injury could result from undue or careless handling of chemicals and dental instruments during dental treatment procedures.


Ariyawardana Anura


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