Dental Implants vs. Traditional Options

Dr. Sycamore is a huge proponent for dental implants but he also realizes that there are other options for replacing a missing tooth and they all need to be considered because there are times when a more traditional treatment is more advisable.

There are four ways to deal with a missing tooth. They vary in cost, comfortability and practicality. Each way has pros and cons.

1. Do Nothing

The simplest thing to do following the removal of a tooth is to do nothing. There are cases when not replacing a missing tooth is fine and Dr. Sycamore might ever recommend doing nothing.

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No cost
No invasive procedures


Socially unacceptable to be missing a visible tooth
Surrounding teeth will move
Increased stress on surrounding teeth

2. Removable Partial Denture

This is an option that is not very popular. There is no one that wants to use a removable compete or partial denture but it can be a valid treatment under some circumstances.


Acceptable appearance
Minimal alteration to existing teeth
Stabilizes remaining teeth (no movement)


Can be embarrassing
Food can get under the denture
Must be removed each night
Often uncomfortable
Causes stress to remaining teeth

3. Bridge

This is a common treatment that is regularly used in Thousand Oaks and across the country. There are many times when a simple bridge is a perfect solution for a missing tooth.


Best appearance of all treatments
Not removable
Long lifespan
Crowns on adjacent teeth can be a benefit


Nearly as expensive as an implant
Requires putting crowns on adjacent teeth
Puts stress on adjacent teeth

4. Dental Implants

Dental implants are often the gold standard for replacing a missing tooth. It’s the closest thing we can do to replacing a tooth with another tooth.


Excellent long term success
Good appearance
No stress on surrounding teeth


Invasive surgical procedure
Highest cost of any of the treatments
Bone quality must be adequate to place an implant


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