DENTAL PROSTHESES : Comparison between ceramic, porcelain and metal crowns

All the crowns that we place in the patient’s mouth is biocompatible. With the latest technology that is available, we have good materials for alternating some of the metal crowns or the gold alloy crowns.

However metal crowns or the gold alloy crowns are good crowns, but aesthetically they are not great, they have compromised aesthetics.

It is very rare that a patient comes and asks for a metal crown or gold crown especially for the front teeth.

Alternatively we also have the all ceramic crowns or the zirconia crowns, which are manufactured by odd brands. So making it more aesthetic as well as functionally very stable and very strong.

So considering which one to go depends on the patient, depending on the cost of the crown, it varies depending upon the kind of material that we use.

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So depending on the aesthetic reasons for metal and gold alloy, latest development has concentrated on improving the aesthetics as well as the functional component of the crown.

So these days we commonly use all ceramic crowns. We also have metal ceramic cowns.in conditions where we cannot give an all ceramic or a metal ceramic crown that is where we recommend a metal crown.

However it is important to choose the material for a crown depending upon the functional aspect, assessment of the treatment and the economics of the patient.

Fuente: Youtube / Doctors' Circle - Ask Doctors. Free Video Answers.


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