DENTAL PROSTHESES : When Dentures Need Adjusting

Shrinking gums and loss of jawbone density due to aging are the two top reasons why denture wearers need adjustments and relines. Although some gum recession can be attributed to aging, too much gum recession may indicate ongoing gingivitis, or gum disease.

If you wear dentures and do not practice good oral hygiene habits, you could be at risk for gum disease. Smoking, certain medications and diabetes also promote gingivitis development and the need for a denture adjustment.

Most people know why dentures need adjustment as soon as signs of improper fit develop on their gums (pressure sores, blisters) or interfere with denture functioning.

In addition, chewing difficulties involving dentures sliding and moving around in the mouth are clear indications your dentures need to be refitted.

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Is wearing your dentures uncomfortable? If you have worn your dentures for some time, you should not even be aware you’re wearing them.

Experiencing soreness near the incisors, feeling pain when you bite down and constantly removing and replacing your dentures in an attempt to get them to “fit” means you are due for an adjustment or reline.

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