ORAL MEDICINE : Perimolysis: case report

Perimolysis is a form of tooth erosion, characterized by dental tissue demineralization without bacterial involvement; that is, wear or mineral loss from the tooth surface caused by chemical agents.

Mineral loss (erosion) from the tooth surface may lead to painful conditions (dentin/tooth hyperesthesia), with esthetic and functional compromise, factors that lead to the patient going to the dentist.

Areas of wear may be promoted by acid substances frequently coming into contact with the teeth. These substances may be of intrinsic or extrinsic origin.

Wear arising from extrinsic substances are very common nowadays, because of changes in the dietary habits of human beings, who now consume more products of industrial origin.

In the majority of cases, these contain acid substances as preservatives that contribute to the appearance of perimolysis.

Among the main factors related to the type of diet involved in the high rates of tooth erosion are the consumption of citrus fruits, habit to suck acid or sour candies, in addition to the ingestion and continuous use of some medications, such as Vitamin C and acid mouth washes.


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