Do Dental Veneers Stain?

Must check this out if your are getting veneers! Dr. O tests the ability of all porcelain veneers to resist stain from 4 common beverages such as wine, coke, tea, and espresso.

As an expert in cosmetic dentistry, who provides cosmetic veneers, Dr. O takes this opportunity to soak the porcelain veneers in these 4 beverages for an entire week at 168 total hours.

Veneers are common solution for darkened or stained teeth that can not be whitened or bleached to a light enough shade.

The all-porcelain veneer allows for a permanent shade change past that of tooth whitening that won’t stain and this test is set out to prove this.

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Fuente: Youtube / Innovative Dental of Springfield
Image : DFY Dental


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